Who We Are

Jon Thomas - Owner

We exist to encourage, inspire and challenge people to take control of their lives with a proper dose of exercise and a sustainable approach to nutrition

Jon Thomas

Owner, Head Coach

Jon grew up in Raytown, MO. By the time he graduated high school, He had completed 43 total seasons across 4 different sports. Jon then attended Pittsburg State University where he maintained a 3.65 GPA and lettered in all 4 years of football. Finishing his senior season winning The National Championship in 2011. 

Adjusting to Life after college football was tough for Jon. Going from a very structured environment to one of freedom and no goals to pursue, He slowly lost interest in staying fit. An already poor diet began getting worse and he quit going to the gym. He continued on this downhill trajectory for 3 years until he decided to make a change. 

While working out of town, away from family, boredom and depressive started to creep in. He was terribly out of shape compared to a few years prior and decided to make a CHANGE. He had briefly heard of CrossFit and decided to give it a shot. Performing functional movements at a relative high intensity, almost immediately change the way he felt. His mood increased, along with his performance in the gym. The feeling of competition was what he needed to get back on track. Over the next 3 years of doing CrossFit, he gradually made positive changes to his diet. Those changes included: adding more “real food” in lieu of processed food, replacing high sugar beverages with sugar free options, and he was paying attention to what his body truly needed to fuel his active lifestyle.

This positive change inspired him to want to help others do the same. He completed the CrossFit Level 1 (CFL1) program in 2017 and soon followed that up with the Functional Movement Systems (FMSL1) certification as well. Most recently, He is studying to complete the Precision Nutrition Level 1 as well. The combination of these 3 certifications combined with his desire to see people succeed is what makes him a great coach for you. 

Whether you come from a sedentary lifestyle and need to become more functional or are a competitive athlete looking to improve performance, He is the right choice for you. He is compassionate, caring, reasonable, encouraging and truly wants to help you reach your health and fitness goals.